Friday, December 5, 2008

A Happy Sight!

So I don't think I ever mentioned my hair fiasco. What a mistake! If you hadn't heard already, I now have like dirty blonde, reddish hair. This is of course entirely my fault. See, one day my mom and I went to this outlet mall. We went over to the J. Crew outlet, and one of the sales girl's had a nice shade of blonde hair. My mom commented about how nice it was, and the girl told us what color she used. Just Loreal Preference out of the box. It was a nice shade, and I figured it would look good on me. So a couple days later at Wal-mart, I made the decision that I would try it. As most know, I already have light blonde hair, so this dye was mainly supposed to lighten it a little more. I took the dye home, and immediately got to work. I followed the directions carefully, and should've noticed when my hair was lightening up that it was turning a weird color. It was kinda a yellow, with an orange cast to it. I hoped it was just the dye and not my actual hair color. When I rinsed out the dye and dried my hair I saw this icky blonde color on my head. No, I wasn't the victim of blonde turned complete orange, but my hair just didn't look good. It was like someone had taken a yellow crayon and colored my hair with it. Needless to say, I was not happy.

So I suffered the next day, wishing I hadn't ever dyed it. I will admit that one thing I've loved is my hair. It's always soft and it was the prettiest color blonde. So became the obsession to get it back to the natural color. And because I wanted to make matters worse, I went and bought a dye stripping kit, which is basically bleach. So after applying that my hair then was completely bleach blonde. I did purchase another dye kit which was close to my natural color and planned on using it. But after I bleached my hair, I didn't want to mess it up even further. So I made an appointment that day to go to a salon and get it corrected. I didn't know how much it would cost, but I was hoping no more than $150. 

My colorist met with me and I was wearing a hat over my poor hair. I felt so bad for it! :( I brought a photo of what my hair used to be like, but it was a 4 year old photo from my senior pictures. She was shocked at my transformation, but got to work. First she did highlights, and then did a base color to darken my hair. Afterwards, she did some sort of toner shampoo, and then a quick trim. All this I still hoped wasn't going to be a ton of money. After she blew it dry, it definitely still wasn't the right color. It was a light brown with lighter brown highlights. I wasn't super happy with it, but it was a million times better than the damage I had done to it. But to add insult to injury when she rang me up, it came to $250!! I was just thinking "why the heck is it so much!?". But I thought it out (and I still feel she kinda ripped me off, or at least took advantage of my plight) and she charged me for the color, highlights, and the toner wash. Plus she charged me for a full hair cut, when it was only a trim. But whatever, I'm still kinda ticked and I have a theory. While she was working on me, she was talking to a bunch of co-workers about some new commissions system the salon had implemented. Like the more money you do in services, the more commission you get at a higher percentage. And to be honest I think that's why she did all that extra stuff. I should've asked what she would do before she did it, but she just went ahead and did all these extras things without even asking. So let's just say I learned my lesson to always ask, because she totally took advantage of my sad condition. 

But the reason I'm writing this blog anyway is because since my hair actually grows pretty fast, I can already see my roots and original hair coming through!! My hair now is still much darker than my original color, but it has lightened up quite a bit after washing it several times (and with the help of shampooing with Dawn dish liquid). But what I think I will do is let it grow out as long as I can, and then go to a salon (or hair school so it's cheaper) and have them match my original color. I still greatly regret ever messing with my hair. But I've made the mistake now, and as soon as it's back to the original color I will never mess with it again, except for getting occasional highlights.

I was going to write about something else, but my niece is now covered with cracker goo and a total mess. I must attend to her....

Ok now she's all cleaned up. Onto the next subject. Well, more like a rant and soap-box, or just venting. So recently, I've again been blasted for supporting Obama, who has won the presidency. I am very grateful and happy that he will be calling the shots. But I'm sick of people still badgering me about it. The episode occurred on Facebook and knowing how that works, you put up a status about what you are doing or thinking at the time. Well I said I was grateful for Obama and a while later received a very rude comment from someone I thought was my friend. I was shocked that he would even say such a thing especially because he's Mormon and shouldn't use words like that. Anywho, he said I was stupid to support Obama because he doesn't think more government in our lives is good. But you know what? The election is over people! Obama is going to be the next president whether you like it or not, so get OVER it!! Obviously, the current administration and Republican method is not working for us right now. We need change. Someone has to step in and take control, because things are spinning out of control! Ok I'm done now. :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just an update of my boringness....

I'm bored right now so I decided to blog something. Although I guess the previous blog pretty much sums up what I've been up to. But let's see...I got back yesterday from the Thanksgiving weekend. Like I'm sure you all know, I've been in NYC right now, so everyone went to my parents house for the holiday in Washington DC. Man, I love that city! It's just so full of history and those freakin' awesome monuments? How cool are they? Don't even get me started on Philly. And Boston is cool too. I mean the whole East Coast rocks hard core! This is where our country started folks!!

Ok moving on from my love affair of the East, but the weekend was pretty fun. I was able to get kabobs twice, but still have yet to go to Ravi Kabob which is the family favorite. Maybe over Christmas we can go there. We also went to this place in DC called the Eastern Market, which is this big outdoor market with vendors who sell everything from produce, meats, and cheese to rugs, artwork and jewelery. It was a pretty cool place! Afterwards, we went to this new burger place called Ray's. It's so under the radar that they don't even have a sign outside the joint to advertise what it is. But basically, this chef who owns a steak restaurant next door decided to open a gourmet burger place. So they sell 10 oz. burgers and then you get a side of your choice. They don't do fries, but you can get potato chips, coleslaw, etc. It was super good!! My sister and I shared a burger and got really good gourmet bleu cheese on it. Then I got these yummy kettle cooked chips that were Chesapeake Crab flavored. So that was good. And then there was this really cute guy who walked in with a couple friends who kept glancing at me. He was not only cute, but had gorgeous blue eyes! Oh man I nearly melted! lol what a dork I am. But now that place will always hold good memories for me, and hopefully if I ever return, maybe I'll see him again!

Anywho, I ended up staying in DC through Monday. My mom and I wanted to go get a Christmas Tree, but we ended up going to the National Zoo instead. You see, when I was in DC a couple weeks ago, my mom and I went to the Museum of Natural History and they have this wildlife photography exhibit sponsored by this lady, Windland Smith Rice, who is a famous wildlife photographer. It's really cool! My mom and I saw the 2007 exhibit last year and this was the new 2008 one. Basically, people submit their pictures of wildlife and the winners are displayed at the museum. So since then, it's been my goal to one day have a picture displayed in this exhibit. And that's why we decided to go to the Zoo. I would like to go many more times so I can increase my chances of a great shot. I got some good ones when I was there this time around, but nothing that would compare to what types of pictures are in this exhibit. I'm hoping the spring may be better as far as weather goes. Plus some animals don't go outside in the winter (like the elephants) so that will be better too as the elephants just stay behind their cages, and you can't have metal bars messing things up. I really hope that this year in Alaska, I can capture some great shots too. Especially the Northern Lights. That was the one thing I wanted to see, but the weather can be really hard to work with. It's almost always cloudy up there. 

Ok so then on Tuesday I got to utilize my CDL skills by driving a Penske truck up to New York City. My sister and brother-in-law had a bunch of furniture stored at my parents place that they wanted in NYC, and I got to drive it up. I'll admit it was a little freaky at first getting back in the saddle. Not so much driving the truck, but driving it in a much higher traffic area. And then I had to keep remembering that the truck was only 16' long as opposed to the buses I was driving which were 45' long. I kept thinking I needed more merging space than I really did. But all went well, and now I'm back in NYC for a bit. I still have yet to hear from any jobs. But I have now applied to some places in DC, and I think I will stay here until Christmas. I think I'll be able to scrape by until then. Like I've mentioned before, no Christmas gifts for anyone, but I think I'll have to do IOU's and wrap them or something. Whatever, I'm done blogging now. :)